Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Progress picture...

But! Not one of mine, but one of my DH's! I am so excited, I forgot to mention that earlier this week, Hubby asked if I would pick a fairly small, easy pattern and let him try his hand at cross stitching! I picked an ornament that was in one of my magazines from a few years ago, anyhow, I have decided to share with you, oh man I hope he doesn't get mad at me, but here it goes:
It is going to be a picture of a french horn with a bright red bow around it! I think he is doing VERY well. Some of the x's go the wrong way, but that is alright! who's gonna know?!

Well,this morning my cold hit with a vengence! I have been drinking Echinacea tea mixed with green tea, and water like it is going out of style, and I have been taking Echinacea pills every other hour as well. I keep having to go to the restroom, because of all the water and tea, but hopefully that will help it get out of my system quicker. I am so glad that I have today and tomorrow off from work, so I can do this drinking absurdly and running to the restroom every ten minutes. I think I have drank like 2 liters of water already, plus three cups of tea.

I am so glad that it isn't keeping me from stitching, though, I have about ten more minutes until I will have an hour in on Snow Valley Express for this morning. I wanted to get at least 3 hours in on it today, and plus work on November Quilt for a few hours as well. Then when I have done that I will indulge in working on Dare to Dream, or my sampler. Progress pictures soon!


Juul said...

Hi Lana,
Can't you tell me where I can find the male-stitching-bug, there is something going around, for sure!
Your DH is the third male stitcher (I found also a male quilter) in blogland I came acros the last three days! I could use some of these male-stitching-bugs in my all male household!:o)
I hope your DH likes to stich, its so nice to have a shared hobby!
See you around in blogland, bye Juul :o) Sorry, Eng. is not my language, can you tell? ;o)

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I would like 2 of that male-stitching bug too. I have 2 males at home that might need to stay still for few minutes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.