Friday, December 09, 2005

I did it again!

Last night I sorted the threads for I love Teddy, and then I....yes, I did....I started it! I have about 20 stitches only in him, but I started!I knew that would happen! I told myself to just get the threads sorted, that way when I am ready to start (originally going to be started next year) I won't have to deal with that tedious task. well, then I decided to JUST try to run off a working copy of the chart. Well, the chart is so big, that I had to make several copies to get everything in. well, then I decided to JUST find the center point...and before I knew it I had my needle threaded and off I went! ::sigh:: I am so disapointed in me. =( I wanted it to be a reward for finishing my parents birthday gifts! I wasn't going to start it until after I was done with both of them, sorta of as an incentive to get them done, and well, now look! I guess, I will pack it away, and forget abou tit, unitl after I am done with my parent's pieces, which, by the way I haven't touched (either of) in about a week, I think. Right now I am so gung ho about Dare to dream and my HLJ sampler, that I only want to work on them. so I alternate between those two pieces. They are starting to look really good, I will have to post a picture tomorrow as DH is on the computer-AGAIN! Anyway.

Yesterday was my day off, and i was so productive! I was proud of myself. I got 5 loads of laundry washed dried, folded and put away, then I wahsed two loads of dishes, and vaccuumed and swepted the kitchen and bathroom, and mopped one of the bathrooms, I tidies up the living room, which just got trashed the second Hubby walked int he door, I don't know why I bother, and I made a nice meal. and! Somewhere in there between my chores I got an hour done on each of Dare to dream and the sampler, and I read for about an hour. I am still reading Nora Roberts Garden trilogy, and am still on the second book in the series. I have been stitching so much I haven't read too much, and so I need to keep that up.

Well, I am going to go take a nice warm bath, and then settle down with Dare to Dream, or The sampler. Progress pictures soon!

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