Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It worked!

I can see my blog online again. All this morning and right now when I wrote that last lil' blurb about my blog not working, I couldn't pull up my blog page. It was just a blank screen. but it is fine now! Thank goodness!

Well, I have mostly been working on my BAU piece, it is really coming along, I am at hour 5 now on it, so I will post a picture, soon, I promise, and Rob is doing really well on his eagle. It just like a brown splotch of stitches right now, but he is really going to town on it.

Well, today I finally got all the threads I need to do "The Abbey" so I feel like I can officially start it now if I wanted to, although I still need to pull the threads for it. I have them all now though, so I just have to put the threads on my thread cards, and then I will be ready to start it! I want to wait unitl the first, but! I may not be able to wait that long, I have been anxious to start this one practically since I got the chart! and I even started it once and totally messed up, so now that I have all the threads...I am ready to go!

Not much else going on but that. I think tonight while Hubby and I watch Dawson's creek, on DVD, I will pull the threads I need for that one! in fact I think I will start it right now! bye!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ann.