Saturday, December 24, 2005

Uh oh...

I think I have the startings of a new stitcher among us! Here is Rob's completed first stitching piece:
And! He is ever so proud of it, because he put the "2005" in ALL by himself! "Look ma! No pattern!" I think he did a wonderful job, he is freaking out because the aida i had him work this on was 11 count, so the coverage is poor. But for a first piece, I thought the larger the fabric the easier, but! You should see the back! It is not bad! he dragged a few threads, but I think it is pretty
good And! He has already picked out his next project:

He is doing both pictures: first the flying one, then the one of just the head. But he said he won't work on them at the same time, like I have soemthing like 30 projects going! So,there yah have it! My hubby is a stitcher! I have to go pull floss for him! Bye!

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