Saturday, December 24, 2005

I did it...

I started Birdhouses of America Unite. And as thought, It is a quick stitch. I need to upload some pictures here, soon. As I have noticed I have not done so in awhile. Remembering to post pictures is a hassle, it is just because the scanner is in my hubby's computer room,and so to work on my own computer I have to go into his room, scan my item, and save it to a disc, then come into my office and upload my pics. from the disc. It is just time consuming, I guess, and I just don't want to do it. I will soon,though.

Hubby rented a new video game from Blockbuster the other day and spent all night playing it, he finally came to bed at 6 this morning, freezing as a 6'2 ice statue! He tried to cuddle up to me and...brrr... And for some reason,the house does seem a bit chilly this morning. But with gas prices inflating, we had an enormous gas bill this past month, so we are trying not to run the heater too high. Man, and we thought we were in the clear after summer, turning off the AC. Our Electric bill was through the roof, and to the moon, all through the summer! Next summer if Rob's away for his job, I am getting a window unit in my room, and I will live in there, and forget running the central AC.

Anyway. So, hubby will probably spend half the day in bed, seeing as how he didn't go to bed until 6 this morning, and so that leaves me to...stitch! Or read! Or do some more baking! I made three batches of sugar cookies, one plain to put frosting and sprinkles on, one with sugar and cinnimon sprinkled on them, and one with MnM's in them and a batch of brownies yesterday. Today I will make chocolate chip cookies, Reeces Pieces cookies, and Peanut butter cookies. I think that is it. Well, I am off to get some work in on Birdhouses of America Unite...which from this point on be referred to as BAU. Alright, wish me luck on my baking.

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