Saturday, December 03, 2005

progress piccy's at last!

Well, finally! we got a scanner! So, the above picture is my progress on Snow Valley express, this is at:7 hours. Not too bad, so far. This is November Quilt at 22 hours:

And this is the "Home Love Joy Sampler":
This is at 7 hours. so, these are some of my main projects i am workin gon now, oh also, an update on the Abbey. I stopped working on it, after I messed up the colors I started working with, so I cut it off, entirely and decided to start over when I get all the colors I need. My start date wasn't to be until January 1st anyhow, So, I had started it over zealously, and messed it up, why can't I just be patient? Well, this weekend so far has been pretty good, Me and hubby decorated our Christmas tree last night, and today we did some christmas shopping, but not alot, though, as i have had back pain on and off for the past few weeks, and yesterday I finally went to see the doctor, and she prescribed some muscle relaxers as well as some anti inflamatory drugs too, and the muscle relaxers, event hough I took it at night knocked me for a loop this morning i woke up LATE: 10:30, which is LATE for me, and I couldn't quite wake up all the way for most the day, finally around 6 in the evening I woke up fully, and so no stitching got done today. I hope this stuff doesn't knock me for a loop tomorrow because I have to go to work. Oh won't that be fun?!
Well, I am going ot go watch a movie with DH, and do some stitching while I am at it.
maybe tomorrow i will put some more stitching pictures up. bye!

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MysteryStitcher said...

Awww...How pretty work! Well done!