Sunday, December 18, 2005

sick...not bad enough not to stitch!

Yes, I called in sick. I am such a whimp! I know! but, anyway, after I took a little nap, I decided to get down to business with dare to dream, and got 2 hours of work in on it! It is starting to look pretty good! I will post pictures at 20 hours! I think after I am done here I will get another hour in on it, I think. Not much else going on here. Just spending my sick day stitching. Oh and I watched Christmas with the Kranks, It was sorta dumb. funny in a way, but pretty rediculous overall.

well, back to dare to dream!
Oh! I have also "come up" with a design, I think. I bought a book called Christmas Ornaments last year, to make up christmas cards, well, I got 8 of the patterns done and they are hanging on my christmas tree, as i decided there was no way I would ever finish 20 cards for christmas. So, It seems like the book is somewhat devided into "Themes" one is a snowman theme, one a Santa theme, Noahs ark theme, and "Winter fun" theme, of animals palying int he snow. So, I am going to make a sampler out of the winter fun animals. I am going to fins a nice font in one of my alphabet in cross stitch books and write "winter fun" and put a border around it, with little snowflakes in side the square, directly in the middle, then there are 12 different winter fun animal pictures, and i will put them surrounding the winter fun square int he middle. I have no idea if I am making any sence here. Maybe if I start it, i will post pictures. Bye!

As if I need a new project to start! Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Hello Lana, I found your link though Mandy's blog. You seem to be working on a lot of WIPS. Happy stitching. Ann. PS: If you like to receive more comments, I think it pays off to introduce your blog to other bloggers so that they can put a link on their site. Just like I found the link on Mandy's site ;-)

Mandy said...

Hi Lana,

Thanks for your link, I'll put up a proper one on my blog.
Really love your work so far and can't wait to see your progress pic on 'dare to dream'