Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas shopping...

Yes, I finally did it! I went Christmas shopping and bought my hubby his pressies last night! So, I'm all done for the season, with less than a week left to go...talk about cutting it close.=) Well, I still have my baking to do, but I haven't had the energy to, what with being sick and all,and working all these crazy hours! I get home from work and just want to flop down with needle and thread and a movie. So, that is basically what I do. I did manage to get some Christmas cards out,though, haza for me! I basically just do the "Reply" thing, where when I recieve a card, I send one right back. It seems that since I have moved to Texas, I have become completely unorganized. And for some reason, have let my correspondance sorta wane. I used to be a wonderful pen pal, but have since sorta...I have become obsessed with my stitching, so everything else just goes by the wayside, It is quite sad, truly. Addiction...It's a hard thing to cope with. I would know, having gone to college and gottena degree in addiction studies so I can be a counselor for substance abusers.

BUT! I have to admit! I have my limits, I can behave when I walk into Michaels. I have proof! Yesterday! before going to the mall to shop for DH, he stopped so I could buy one thread that I needed for Dare to Dream. and He kept teasing me, saying "ONLY buy that ONE color!" So...I did. I bought a box of Christmas cards that were on sale for 5$, normally 8$, but, in the stitching aisle, I only got that ONE color. And! It is amazing, I had my list with me, I could have easily bought 20$ worth, but, I was good. I looked at the kits with longing, and I'm sure they had to call maintenance to that aisle to mop up the drool, but I made it out of there only spending 6$, and only one of those items was for stitching!

I keep reminding myself, that come March, I will be getting a bonus check from work, of over 200$, and hubby thinks that I am using it all on bills, he has got another think coming! Because that is what he wants to do with our tax return, and granted, it will be nice to be caught up and maybe a little ahead, but! come on now! What is the fun in that?! A girl has GOT to have her priorties! =)

Well, I would like to say hello to some friends: Hi Mandy! Thank you for linking me! I think you are the first to do so! YIPPEE! You made my day! And hello to Ann. Do I have you linked? I only remember blog titles, how sad is that? I mean, I know some names attached to blog titles but not many. So, if I don't have you linked then let me know! I have more blogs that I read everyday that are in my favorites bar on my PC, and not on my blog yet. Putting them all in can be...boring...? I hate data entry! I will get you all in there eventually!

Oh, and yes! I have to say a big HELLO! to my dear friend Beth, who wrote me a letter and told me she reads my blog everyday! It is truly nice to know that people are reading my blog. It is fun to share my obsession with others who also love stitching!

Well, on the stitching front, I have just been working on Dare To Dream. I actually am just about getting ready to put some stitches into the first wolf that is inside the border. The border has been so easy, and now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty,and do some real chart reading! The border was so easy because it was the same thing over and over, and so it was consistant, but now I have to start in on the picture of the thing. Which for all this complaining, I am actually excited about it! It seems like it is starting to pick up a bit now. I remember thinking "this is taking FOREVER" and now I can actually see some progress.

I haven't really worked much on any other stitching, just Dare to Dream. I am really stuck on it right now. I guess it is my anxiety at seeing some real progress on it that makes me just keep going on it, and not rotate it out. See? Rotations just aren't for me, I guess! Well, I guess I will get going and try to get some more time into my stitching, before going to work.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Hello Lana, don't worry about not remembering me. I do not have a blog ;-) You made me laugh about the drooling part, so recognisable.

Von said...

Lana, you are still far ahead of me :) One person I don't buy for is DH - he's impossible to buy for. If he wants something, he gets it for himself. The nice thing is he doesn't mind not having anything under the tree. The event of Christmas and sharing it with all our family is enough :)

Mandy said...

Hi Lana,

Thank you for your lovely mention in your post, It's nice to know I am the first to link to your blog- i'm sure many others will follow.
To up hits, why don't you try putting your blog up at BlogExplosion.com - you'll find a lot of us stitchers are alread up there.

Robert said...

The first to link you?! v I linked you a while ago. What are you talking about?! ;p Just kidding. Don't worry, I'll let you throw away your bonus check as long as you promise not to spend all my money while I'm deployed. lol

Lana said...

I love you too honey!

Lana said...

ps, Throw away my bonus chek-HA! I will need lots of stash to keep me busy while you're deployed! you don't want me to be bored, do you? I have to stay busy so that the time will fly by! Who knows?! I may even stitch YOU something! MAYBE! If you're good!

BeckySC said...

Hi Lana :)
Thanks for visiting my blog :) I wish you all could have been at the party Saturday night :) :) :)

We will keep you busy with stitching and blogging while your sweetie is away :)

I'll add you to my blogroll and be back as often as I can :)

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas :) :) :)