Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh my gosh! It IS the sun!

Finally the sun comes out and todays high is supposed to be like 60 I think! YIPPEE! I hate it when it is dark and cold out, I am much more the sunny girl, shoot, being from California, can you blame me? Well, only two more days of work until I get my three day holiday break, for the Christmas weekend. Fri-Sunday,and I don't go in until 2 on Monday afternoon! So, I am looking forward to that, lets see, only 12 more hours of actual work until I get my little holiday! My hubby is so lucky, he gets all next week off! I am excited to be able to spend some time with him then. Oh, and he keeps telling me that I need to mention on here that he does do other crafts as well, he has made us some plastic canvas needlework things: a tissue box cover, and some coasters shaped/stitched like American flags. He also made us an ornament for the tree with a styrofoam ball and sequins. It is really pretty, but the stryrofoam ball isn't as tightly packed as could be, so the little pins holding the sequins keep falling out. But it is still very pretty. So! I am a very lucky girl, I have a crafty hubby!

Well, yesterday I didn't get much stitching done. I found an ornament kit that you can buy for 99 cents at wal-Mart that my mom bought for me to do for her and I forgot about it until just yesterday, so I sat right down to get it worked on so hopefully I can send it off in their box for Christmas well, I guess i should never hurry! 1) I mis- counted somewhere 2) I used the wrong color thread in one area. The chart for it is not the easiest to read, and the color code is ...wierd. They have the symbols on a different place as the color numbers for the thread. So, like you find a symbol, it gives you a color (ie:dark red) then you have to look on the back side of the chart to find out which dark read they are talking about, in DMC numbers. I don't know, somehow I goofed, so I can't decide if I want to start over or just work through it, I mean if I don't tell anyone, who's gonna be the wiser? (chuckle) Oh! wait! I just published this info on the internet...nah, no one will know! Well, the recipient won't know, she doesn't read my blog, and the only reason is because I have piccies of her and dad's birthday gifts on here, and I don't want them to see them, so I haven't told them I blog. I have been tempted to go back and edit those entries so that they can read it, but I haven't yet. Hmmm...? Well, so there you have it! That is all the stitching I did yesterday, depressing actually. I can't count and I can't tell "drk red" from "vry drk red"! hmmm...

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Von said...

Hi Lana, thanks for spending so much time on my blog! Your blog is in my Newsgator account, so I get your new post automatically (kinda like blogroll). Makes catching up with everyone so much easier!
WOW! 60 degrees!! Lucky :)
Stitching things in a hurry very seldom pays off with a quickly made item, does it, lol! But if your mistakes aren't really noticeable, no problem :)