Friday, December 09, 2005

A picture-Finally!

Here is what "I Love Teddy" looks like. I have liked this chart for awhile, but never got it, because it was soooooo expensive! I even have stationary with this little bear on it. so here it is:

A bit crooked on the scan, sorry! But yes, finally a picture! Everything is stitched except for the light blue in the background, that part is the fabric, but the roses on the blue background are stitched. I know I wrote that I already started, but I have decided that I am going to put it away, until AFTER I at least finish November Quilt, what an incentive, eh? Well, gotta get going, I have lots of stitching to do! And I am hoping to be able to show progress pictures of Dare to Dream by the middle of next week, at it's 20 hour mark. We shall see.
Oh yeah, and Becky, thank you so much for the comment! It is so nice to know that someone is reading my blog. Sometimes I think I am writing to cyber nothingness, not that I care too much, but, it is nice to be able to share my obsession with others who share it as well.

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