Saturday, December 24, 2005

some pictures...

Ok, i decided that before i sit down to get into "Red Lily" the book i am currently reading, I would put these pictures up of Birdhouses of America Unite. note: the first one is the picture off the front cover of the pattern book, and it is made into a pillow, so it looks kinda funky, that is why.
And here is my progress, I think it is about an hours worth of work on it:
That is the roof of the house on the left that says Home sweet home, and the beginnings of the vine/leaves above it. I think it is going ot be cute! Alrighty, back to my book! For some reason, I have not done any quality reading on it lately, so I decided to get some reading done today, before I get elbow deep in flour and sugar again to make more cookies! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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BeckySC said...

Great start, Lana :) :) :)

I'll be back after Christmas for an update :) :) :)