Monday, January 29, 2007

Stupid Blogger!!!!

Can anyone tell me what is up with the whole "need a google account for the new blogger" crap?! I just tried to log onto my account and It kept rerouting me to this page that said I needed a google account and all sorts of junk! Is it any better? Just curious!
Well, I stitched a little bit this weekend, mostly on Holiday Airing. I didn't get to stitching on Sunday only Saturday. Yesterday me and hubby ran errands and did mundane chores around the house, and then watched "Over the Hedge", which was a cute movie! And the whole time I was watching it, I kept thinking, "I should grab my stitching" but I never did. I guess I was just too lazy. Anyway. So, here is y progress on it. I worked on it while I watched ER on Saturday. I finished season 2 of ER, so now what should I watch? I don't know! Movies I guess. I have vowed that I will try to watch less TV this week. I sat in front of the TV for hours the past few weeks, watching the new seasons of ER, and now I feel like I need to spend more time reading and doing more worthwhile things with my time. The thing is I stitch when I watch TV, so I really don't want to cut back THAT much!
Anyway, I have a dentist appointment today...ugh. Just think that in three hours I will be back home, after having some teeth drilled. I really hate the dentist! I mean my dentist is great! But overall I hate going to the dentist! I am the biggest baby in the world, when it comes to having to go to the dentist. I about went through the roof when they tried to clean my teeth! I hate having people mess around in my mouth, I hate it! My teeth are ultra sensitive, and so it just stinks! Anyway. I think I will take half a Valium before I go. I know, it sounds rediculous, but seriously...I just can't take it! And then I feel liek an idiot, here I am a grown woman creeping out at the dentist! It's really dumb!
So, moving is my progress on Holiday Airing. I worked mostly ont he red of the barn,and the roof. I put a bit more purple in the snow at the bottom too. Well, hope you had a great weekend. Bye! sorry about the crease right down the scan, it is hard to put that large a piece of fabric int he scanner without some sort of wrinkles!


Anonymous said...

Great progress!!

Hope everything goes fine on your dentist appointment :)

monique said...

Oh I can totally relate to the dentist thing. And my dentist will NOT give me a script for a valium to take beforehand. Pssst... what did you do with your other half? I have an appt. coming up. ROFL I hope it went well for you today :)

Anonymous said...

The google stuff for blogger is for Beta Blogger. I won't say it's better but there are more features, and personally, I like it better than the old blogger, although there are people who had lots of problems with beta blogger. I think there's an option for you to switch, although I don't remember where since I have been on it for a while. And I think there was news that it's no longer in beta testing, so it should be the official blogger already. Anyways, good luck!

eileen :)

BlissxStitches said...

Some of the blogger changes are useful (fasster & more successful upload of pics), others don't make a big difference. I still have a foot in both camps (the old blogger & new google). The sign-in is easier & it's easier to read the old blogger, but I guess with time I will forget how to use the out-of-date version. Keep at it.

I love the item you are working with. I could get into serious stash collecting if I did all the lovely ones I see in the different blogs I read - not to mention be bankrupted by my spending on EBAY. LOL

Dentists! It doesn't make it any easier that my dentist is also my kid cousin all done grown up. Blah!

Love from Brisbane, Australia