Friday, January 26, 2007

SAL progress post.

Well, this is my progress for the week. I didn't do much on Tuesday as I wasn't feeling very well from my cold. And I did end up having to frog out a small area yesterday. The chart, while easy to read is just hard to follow. There are a lot of different colors enmeshed in small spaces, and lots of symbols...I,looking at the chart, never thought it'd be this hard to follow. But anyway. This is all the progress photos I have to show. I sat and worked on Holiday Airing for two hours this morning, and actually found myself really enjoying it, didn't want to put it down, so maybe I was just having a bum day the last time I worked on it, as I was having a hard time allowing it to keep my attention. I have not had that problem today. I am really enjoying it.

Well, spring has sprung here, at least for the past two days. Yesterday was a wonderfully beautiful day. Today has been a little chilly but with a sweatshirt I was fine outside playing with the dog. If any of you have seen the movie "Cars" Lets just say that Freedom was "As happy as a tornado in a trailor park" yesterday playing outside. I don't know who wore who out first, but we ended up in a heap breathing hard after chasing each other for a long time. We both slept well after all that fresh air. But it was fun! I think we are up for some rain this weekend...and I know we need it, but I just hope it isn't cold. You know? At first it's fun, and beautiful to look out and see the magicalness that snow is, and that deliciously cozy feeling of being a nice warm house with the fireplace burning and the fluffy blankets and a pile of stitching. But after so long that biting cold just...ugh, and the czbin fever starts to get to you, and the darkness outside just gets to you. I'm from southern California. I don't do cold or snow very well. The beach? Yes. The sun? Yes. The snow?, not so well. Well, I am off to make some more progress on Holiday Airing. I will share a progress photo of it soon!


Anonymous said...

It is looking fantastic Lana, better than mine!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great progress on your SAL, hope it wasn't to cold for you, I'm getting tired of that type of weather myself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lana, your sal piece is looking good.
I enjoyed reading your blog and have added you to mine....hope that's ok.
Happy stitching