Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Stitching the days away!

Well! Yesterday I spent most of the day working on Dae to Dream, and I must admit, I will be ready to go onto the next page here pretty soon! Today i pulled out "Patchwork Bears". When I packed to come ont he trip I wanted to bring a few easy small things (ornies) and I also packed 2 large projects: Dare to Dream and Patchwork Bears. I hadn't worked on PWB in quite awhile, I had grown bored of it, but my enthusiasm was rejuvinated for it this morning, as I sat and worked on it a good two hours today. I am really enjoying it. I wonder why it is that we get bored of working a project, even though we have had the chart for a long time and really want to do it, but then when you are working on it all of a sudden you think you will go bonkers if you have to look at the thing ever again. I was getting that way with that project, and now that I set it aside for a good few months, I am back at it, and enjoying it tremendously! I have my list ready to go for 2007, and it is quite long, and since I really enjoy working on BAP's, I will probably not get them all finished, however, I do have some finishing goals, as well as some starting goals. But we shall see. I enjoy planning and feeling organized when it comes to my stitching, I find it inspiring! Well, thank you Cindy anf Mary Anne for the comments! I hop eyou all had a wonderful New Years! And i will see you at Blogger soon!
ps, oh Cindy, when I get home I promise I will show progress pics of my work here, but I have no way to post any photos here, as my parents don't have the software on their computer-Sorry!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are getting a lot of stitching done! I look forward to seeing pictures when you are back home.

Anonymous said...

Can not wait to see pics!! Sounds like you are making great progress!

Faith Ann said...

I'm anxious to see Patchwork Bears again... such a great pattern!

What fun to get to stitch for a few days!! Best wishes for a wonderful 2007!