Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, last night was a sorta late one, I survived it by stitching. Yup, I put about a good hour into Dare to Dream last night, and again this morning. I was looking at my blog this morning, and I scrolled down to the last progress photo of that project, and I have done quite a bit since that last photo. I have that first page almost completely finished! I have one ear of the wolf ont hat page to do, and a bi tof fill in, and then it is onto the next page. I was thinking that I would work one page at a time, and then move on, but I am working the border all the way across the bottom. So the second page has already been started really. I am enjoying the border as it is easy and not alot of hard counting at all, it is repitious stitching, the same pattern over and over, so I can easily sit and stitch without having to refer to the pattern often. I will soon be ontot he second page though. Maybe I will get to it before I leave here...who knows? Well, I am off to do some cooking, and maybe some more stitching!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Lana!!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a pick of that progress!!! Happy New Year!