Sunday, July 30, 2006

more dolphins

I don't have a progress picture, but i put at least another hour in on the dolphins yesterday, and I was able to fix the froggy area. Thank goodness! The bue parts int he water are coming along quickly as they are only half stitches, bt they are done with some blended threads so that takes a bit of time. So, it is coming along nicely, I guess I am stuck on this one for now! Funny, how I get "Stuck" on pieces. Give me a couple of days and I will get "stuck" on something else! I hope your weekends are going well, mine is alright so far. I worked 7 hours yesterday in the afternoon and evening and today I work 10-6, and then! I have two days off and most of a third, as I don't go in until 3:30 on Weds. This week has actually gone pretty quickly! Which is nice, because normally no one wants time to go fast, but my DH comes home to me in 6 more weeks or so, and so I want time to FLY by! And it seems like it is going slow! Hmmm...? Guess I better get to the stitching, that aught to make time fly! I made my "Wish list" of all the DVD tv series I want to get. I will be planted in front of the tv for quite awhile, if I get all that I want. Yes 33 different series aught to take me awhile to get through! Well, I have never been a big tv watcher, but that was because I was always busy with college and then never had time to watch much when I was home at the parents, so now that I have my very own tv, in my very own house I will be free to watch whatever I want! And I have to make up and catch up to all the shows I missed all those years, right? I still don't think I will become acouch potato, I just can't sit still that long! Well, I am gonna go try to get some stitching in before I head off to work in about two hours!

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