Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finally! A picture!

Here is my last scan, picture taken June 4th,

And here is the scan I took last night, so you can see there has been a little bit of progress, mostly fill in on the dolphin and the blue water above the dolphin. Over to the left you will see a streak of dark gray going down at a slant, that! is my froggy area, I have stitched it in twice now and it's just not working! I'm going to have to try another tactic to get it to look right, so wish me luck! I am thinking that is what I will put most of energies on today, I don't go into work until 2 this afternoon, so that gives me about 4 and a half hours to figure out something, I already have an idea in mind. So, we shall see how it goes. However, even though I am anxious to get this all sorted out I am also wanting to work an another WIP. Although I am not sure which one. We shall see. I have many things I want to do today, stitch, read, maybe do some writing. well, gotta get going. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I work all weekend but I will have Monday and Tuesday off, and I don't go into work until 3:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday, so I almost have a three day "weekend", except that my "weekend" doesn't start until Monday. Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. I've had to do a lot of frogging on the piece I'm currently working on the most. It's so frustrating.