Saturday, July 01, 2006

disappearing acts.

Well, so sorry I will probably disappear here for a bit, as my mom is here for the week, then I will be flying to california for awhile to visit family and friends. so, I am not thinking there will be much stitching or blogging in my near future. sorry! And thank you to all of you who left comments on my finish, I was able to get a self matting/ frame that fit November quilt to a T, and I love it, and my mother loves it as well. So, I guess my next big project will have to be my father's birthday gift which is overdue as well. Talk with you all later!


AnneS said...

Have a wonderful time away - we'll be here when you get back :D

Jenn said...

Have a great time and a safe trip!

Von said...

You enjoy yourself, Lana!!