Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A little more stitching, and early morning musings

Well, yesterday I did get a bit more stitching in, before heading off for Santa Barbera. I'd say about 45-60 minutes more, not a whole lot. This mroning, I woke up at 4 in the morning, for whatever reason, and couldn't go back to sleep. And I started thinking about diet and exercise. I am planning on having a tiny wedding ceremony in December, for family and friends, and I want to look good in my wedding gown (not to mention the cruise my hubby istaking me on in Nov. ) but right now, despite various efforts, I am 5 pounds overweight. It's funny, because when I look at myself, or look in the mirror, I don't see it, but when I look at pictures...I see it! I was looking at the pictures from the wedding I was in this past weekend, and I was not happy. I weighed myself on my mom's bathroom scale, and....ugh. But yet, I keep eating. It's easy to do on vacation, you don't have a lot of time to work out,a nd you eat, that is just what vacations are for. I for one, LOVE food, Juicy hamburgers, spaghetti, fried junk, i love it all. I love to eat, and i do enjoy exerceise, but tend to start off strong, then a few weeks later, I'm lucky to go for a stroll once a week. I don't know how t stay motivated. I have tried everything, even putting pictures of girls from fitness mags up on my fridge. This is coming froma girl who up until she was 22 years old was fluctuating between 99 and 105 pounds for most of her teen and early adult hood life. Then! I went to college. I still exercised but I ate alot too. and ever since then I have just had the hardest time managing the weight that I would like to be. It is hard, because for so long, i could get away with eating anything I wanted, and I didn't have to worry about weight gain, now, though...I guess with getting older comes a freaked out metabolism, and i know the best way to keep on top of it is to work out. But, I try and I always loose interest after a few weeks. I try to diet but then I break down and give in to my cravings.

My mom has really been a motivating factor in this thought process I am going through this morning, because she has just recently lost 20 pounds, and I think if she can do it, I certainly can, as my mom is older and crippled. She eats very little but she is a very busy lady despite her handicaps. So what's my problem?! How come I can't seem to loose weight? I know that consistency is the key, and that is the hardest part for me. I always think once I start to look good again that I can slack off in my exercise or my eating habits, and then it is like a snowball rolling downhill, before i know it, I find myself eating whatever i want, and not doing any workouts at all, or very little, again.

Anyway, sorry you had to listen to all that mumbling. I just wish I could have more motivation to loose weight, but I have what I can "New Years resolution syndrome" You start off strong and within a month you can't even remember what your resolutions were. I guesss the only thing i can do is start again!

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Bastet said...

Lana, I hear you. I was around 100lbs up until about 4 years ago and started putting on weight. After 30 the metabolism slows down and you actually have to work at keeping the weight off. I'm around 110 now sometimes 112. But some of that weight is do to the endometriosis. But I'm a couch pototo. I read, surf the net, cross-stitch all sit down things. My job as a hotel housekeeper isn't enough to keep the weight off or to tone what I got. The biggest consolation I have is that I'm still in girl's jeans. Mostly due to my height.
My mother had to restrict her diet due to diabetes, then they restricted it more and she needs either a high carbo diet or a low...I never seem to remember which. I've never seen her that small.
Dedication is the key. Falling off the wagon is the hardest if you don't have someone there to pick you back up and throw you back on.