Saturday, July 08, 2006

A California girl is "home"

Hello! I am at my parents house right now visiting, and havign a great tiem. yesterday we went to the beach, which I love and miss like crazy. My little nephew is here for the weekend, and we bought him a new scooter, because he had an excellent report card. so, yesterday was a pretty fun day Today and tomorrow I think that I am going to hang out and play with my nephew, and just relax. afterall isn't that what vacations are all about?

But I could just kick myself int he butt! I brought stitching with me, but! I brought my dad's birthday gift to work on, Well, I very well cannot work on it here, he'll see it! UGH! Oh well, On Monday I will be flying up north, to my best friends wedding. I am her Matron of Honor, and so I have to be there extra early, and so I will probably have time to work on it there. I only have a million other projects going, and I had to bring THAT one! Oh well, I was trying to be logical...I know that is the next project I need to finish next, so I wanted to bring it with me so I'd be sure to work on it. So, in a way I was thinking, but just forgot that I couldn't stitch that project in front of my dad. ooops.

Well, I am enjoying my time here very much, and I will try to write a bit while I'm here.


Lelia said...

Lana: Hang in there. Aren't deadlines the pitts??? I'm sure your Nephew will enjoy your undivided attention. Enjoy your free time & if you get bored, grab a book!!

AnneS said...

Oh no, that's the sort of thing I'd do ;) I'm sure you'll manage to fill in your time somehow ... even if it's not stitching :) Time to just relax and enjoy the company :)

Faith Ann said...

Bringing the wrong project sounds like something I'd do LOL.

It sounds like you're having a great time at home... hope you continue to have a great vacation!