Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long, rambly post!

Well, it is now almost a whole new year...only 3 more days until 2007 is a gone thing. I really didn't do so well on most of my stitching goals. I didn't get any big finishes done, although I got lots of small ones finished. I finished all 12 of the Erica Micheal's freebies for the year. Plus some of the other smallish freebies she has...the alphabet sampler minis...I have finished letters A and B. No big finishes though. How disappointing. And to think that for most the year I wasn't working. Even though I started school in the Summer, I still had half a year to stitch, although I had lots of other goals as well, such as my 50 book reading goal for the year. I just finished reading #35, and started #36. So, I didn't reach that goal either, but I got sorta close.

I think part of my problem is my addiction to the computer. I spend WAY too much time on here, playing SIMS, and surfing the web, reading blogs, spending time on like that. I think I am going to have to do something about that next year, maybe then I will get more stitching done. Oh well, it's all been fun, so why care? Although now looking back, I wished I had spent more time with needle and thread. Oh well.

I do have a finish to share...the last of the Erica Micheal's freebies for the year. I was able to finish it last night while watching one of the DVD seasons that hubby got me for Christmas, because of another gift my hubby got white thread that I needed! He got me 50 new skeins of floss!!! And! he stuffed my stocking with them...but he wrapped them!!! there were 25 individual wrapped things of thread. well, like there were two to a package... unwrapping them was a pain, and he sat and thought it was hilariously funny! It really sorta was! So, I got floss, but he said I had to work for them....funny funny guy!

So, I have to share with you my finish, and show you my progress on my little snowman mini stocking. ornie.

Now I just have to finish out what I want to do with the quilt I want to make all these into.

next up is my snowman...
I got his little face in almost, just have to finish up his cap and scarf and sweater, and the reast of the stitching on the stocking itself. so, that is what I have been up to. not too much, and i am hoping that next year will produce much more stitching from this end, but we shall see.
I had a great Christmas, along with floss, I told hubby I wanted him to get me things that will keep me occupied while he's away for the year. So, he got me some of my favorite TV DVD series, and some jigsaw puzzles, and a bunch of new SIMS games. So, I think I will be kept happily busy. He refuses to buy me any new books or stitching stash, besides the floss, because I have so much already.
My parents sent a huge box of goodies too, so I made out pretty good!
And things with work are slowing way down...all week I have had short 5 hour shifts, so that allows for more relaxing, but hubby is home this week, so we have been spending time together. He goes back to work on Monday. And we only have 13 more nights to throw the route...thank goodness. Then he leaves for a week to go visit his dad who is leaving to move to japan the middle of Jan, which I can't go with him, because of work, which is fine with me. Then he comes home for a few more weeks and leaves for four weeks for training, then he comes home for two or three weeks then leaves for 6 month deployment.
I just can't wait for the route to be done and over with! I am sick of getting up int he middle of the night and throwing papers int he freezing cold, then having to work in the day, although I think it may take my body a bit to adjust to the new sleeping all night thing again, as I find that even when hubby goes and throws the route all by himself because I have to work I still wake up at 2 am without an alarm. So the first week without the route, I may have to take Tylenol PM or something to help me sleep through the night, and get me back on track with an all night sleeping pattern.
Well, that is about it here, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! sorry this is sort of a rambling post, but had a lot to share!


Meari said...

LOL, it was funny that not only you had to unwrap all that floss... but the fact that he wrapped them all to begin with. :)

Congrats on your finishes.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Your stitching is lovely! How funny that he had to wrap the floss and you had to unwrap it! LOL!

Kathy said...

The long post was great. I tend to do the same, so I rather enjoy them. They are like a letter from home.

Nice stitching. I am sure you had fun unwrapping the floss.

Happy New Year!!!

stitcherw said...

Lovely finish, and your snowman is looking very cute too, he'll be done soon. What a fun idea on the wrapping of the floss, although I can see from your side it must have got a bit tiring opening them all after a bit. Have fun watching the different DVD's you got, if you stitch while you watch you should be able to get more of the stitching in that you want. Overall, while you didn't get all of your 2007 goals met, it still sounds like you got a lot done. Also, you probably got a lot more done than you would have if you hadn't set any goals. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year,

Cathy said...

How fun of your hubby to buy you threads. I love that he wrapped them all...too much! That must have been fun on Christmas morning.