Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feeling much better now....

For someone who has limited time, I sure am posting alot, huh? I think this is like therapy for me, though, to just write and get things off my chest!!

Thank you once again to everyone who has left me such kind and encouraging comments, I feel bad that I don't have time to do the same right now. I am reading blogs a little, but no commnets. I am done with one final! Woot! (This is this years new proclaimed word by Merriam Webster...anyone see that? It was on my Yahoo news page...funny!) Anyway, So two more to go! Yay! And I put in my letter of resignation at the paper yesterday, so Jan 10th will be my last official day to throw papers. I am counting down! Finally I will get a full 8 hours night sleep, uninterrupted! Yippee!

Also I am kinda excited, because I am not sure what next weeks schedule at work is, but the following one I have a few short days (5 hours instead of 8) Phew!!! So I think things are gonna start looking up here soon! I can't wait!

Plus, don't faint, after I posted this yesterday, I sat in my chair (yes the one hiding behind the Christmas tree, and ornaments be damned, cause I probably knocked 'em all hither and yawn) and I stitched! Not for very long, mind you, but enough to start feeling a sence of calm come over me. It was very , very nice. So, I went to work yesterday with a renewed sence of calm, and it felt so good! There is nothing like stitching to calm a person down! I don't know what it is about it, is it the consistant motion of the needle going in and out of the fabric, kinda like the motion of a rocking chair when our mom's rocked us to sleep? but that sameness of the motion is soothing somehow!

Also, I want to say a big apology, not that my hubby reads this blog, but I have really slammed at him hard here the past few days, and he's really not the monster I sorta made him out to be! He really is a sweetie, like the other day we were at the grocery store and he was all excited, because he wants to make dinner for me this week, he is gonna make some pot roast dish, and I think it is so sweet! He really is very loving and giving. He's the best there is, I think, it's just when I feel all uptight, he seems to get the brunt of my frustrated feelings. I needed space the past couple of days, and between no sleep and going to work and dealing with a ton of people and then coming home and him being here, I just...ugh! He really is wonderful and I love him like no other! I was just fuming because of other things.

Well, I still have a few hours until I have to go work, so I am going to go stitch again...Poor Christmas tree! It is gonna be all smooshed on one side for all my climbing behind it to get to my stitching chair. But it will just have to understand that that chair is my sanity, so once it understands that I'm sure it won't care. LOL!


Sweet Pea said...

I have the most wonderful husband ever and he'd do anything in the world for me, and even he gets on my nerves sometimes. It happens, and better to vent a little than let it boil over and cause a big fight.

I'm glad you got to do some stitching. it's amazing how much better it can make you feel.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Enjoy the stitching! you have just had a bad week. happens to the best of us!

Lauren said...

I agree that the stitching helps - I should take my own advice! I hope you're feeling better soon!

Meari said...

Glad you got some stitching in. :)

Elisabeth said...

It *therapeutic* to write/type stuff and get your thoughts and feelings expressed. I find it helpful too - write a lot of 'do not send' letters at times!!! Not on my blog, though!!LOL!!