Friday, December 07, 2007

Not much stitchin'

Well, things here have been hectic. This is the last week of classes and then finals are next week...phew! Then I can finally throw myself into the holidays! I haven't been stitching too much, but probably more than I should, what with all the schoolwork, but oh well.

I have gotten my old retail job back, so right now I work the paper route from 2-4 am, or so, then I work at the store for about 8 hours a day, and then I try to study somewhere in there and sleep....just crazy! I can't wait for the pressure of school to be over for the semester, then I will just have to worry about the two jobs, which I am quitting the route come the 10th of January, but by then school will be back in session, so I will be doing school and retail job. I am glad though for getting back into my old work place though, because when hubby leaves for Iraq I am going to be glad of the distraction of going to work, of course I'll be taking classes again too, but I am taking online courses next semester and only two classes, so I can put more time into work,so with those two things I am sure I can stay busy! Not to mention all the stitching I will do, and the reading, as well. I am setting a 65 book goal for next year, which is just crazy since I didn't even complete my 50 book goal for this year. But oh well. I got close, I finished #35 last night and am onto #36, so It is going to be close.

In stitching, like I siad I haven't done much, just work on my little tiny stocking, which is coming along, slowly but surely, and I started my Last Erica Micheal's monthly freebie for the year, so there is one stitching goal down, (to finish all the monthly freebies by their given months), so that is good. I am anticipating a lot more stitching after next week is over and done with, since there will be no more school. I will have a little more time, but then I will be, if it's not one thing it's another!

Hope you are all having a happy holiday season so far!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You could use a few extra hours in the day sweetie. Glad to see you!

Artystitches said...

Gosh, not sure i could do all that, make sure you get you rest in as planned.