Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Sunday!

It feels like a Saturday to me as today is the first of two days off in a row from work for me! I am happy to report that I have completed the 2007 Fall semester!!! I am done! Finals are finished,papers and assignments are all written and turned in, all there is now is to await grades! ::biting nails:: But I am not too worried about it, I feel like I did well, despite the end of the semester being so compacted and hurried with life's other little oddities, but it is finished now, and onto Christmas!!! And stitching!

Ok, during winter when I think of a color that describes this season I think white, what about you? Well, I am currently in the middle of two stitching projects that require this particular color...alot of it! And what do you know? But that I have run completely out!!!! So, I need to stock back up on it, which is weird to me, because I see white and black as two basic colors you should always have on hand, and I have run out of white, HOW DID that happen?! ::shaking head:: oh well, and I am not sure that I want to run right out in the holiday rush to acquire one skein of white, or a few to have on hand, so I shall wait. Hubby keeps asking me for a list of DMC's I need so I will put that on the top in BIG bold letters! So he knows to get plenty, and maybe I will be able to finish these two projects before the first of the year, or!!! I can dip into a kitted project and pull white out of one I don't plan on starting for awhile. I might just do that!

And now for some pictures! Here is my December Freebie by Erica Micheals. as you can see all i have left is white to finish and alas cannot, because of my no white onhand predicament, the outlining of the buildings I added as I didn't think the white stood out enough on the fabric, so I added that so you could actually see the sillhouette of the buildings.

And next up is my little snowman stocking/ornament

This is not a very good picture, sorry, but you can see how much I have done and how much I have left to do. I am not enjoying this piece as much as I thought I would, for such a small project, it sure has a ton of color changes, for the detail and shading. And I'm sure that when it's finished and the backstitching is in, it will look wonderful, right now though, it looks a mess. Probably because he's missing his face! Oh well, maybe today I will have to pop in a DVD and watch something Christmas-y and stitch away on it until he looks much cuter! So between school and work (both jobs) and life, not much stitching has gone on here, but I try to do just a little bit at least once a day, usually before I go to work at the store, as it calms me down and ready to face the mob! Especially this time of the year! Good grief! But now with school out of the way I anticipate alot more stitching. I do see a light at the end of the "going crazy" tunnel now, After Christmas my hours at the store will slow way down, and I will be getting rid of the route in less than 25 days, and then hubby will be leaving for his deployment in less than 2 months, and I am not taking "in classroom" classes next semester just online courses, and 1 less class than last semester so I think things will calm down, they already are with no school right now.
Well I think this post is nice and long enough so I shall sign out and go crawl in the Christmas tree, or behind it, I guess, and see if I can't make this snowman look a bit cuter!


stitcherw said...

Sorry to hear that you ran out of the white right in the middle of the project, that would be so frustrating. You're right though, white and black are such basic colors it seems you always have them so when suddenly you don't it's kind of like "How Did That Happen"? Glad that your classes are over for a bit, that will give you more of a breathing space for getting things done. Your WIPS look so pretty, I'll look forward to an update now that you'll have more time.

Carla said...

Nice progress on both.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your wips are looking great, good luck with your grades.

Meari said...

The WIPs look good, Lana. Isn't it great to be done with another semester of school? I got my grades already: A+ in both classes. White... oh yes, I have like 6 of em bobbinated. Why? I dunno. LOL Seemed like a good idea at the time. Happy Holidays!

Michelle said...

Oh no! I hate it when I run out of thread mid-project! Hopefully you can get some white soon. Both pieces look great! Glad you are able to get some stitching time in, and the tree doesn't mind sharing its space with you!