Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank you!!!

Wow! Thank you all who left me such wonderful comments on my last post. I half expected people to be like "Suck it up, girl, that's just life!" But I should have known better, stitchers are such a kind lot! =)

When I have a clear head and really think about things, I just have to laugh at myself. I sound so selfish! I think I just got so overwhelmed, it was just too much dumped on me all at once! I go from having all day to do my homework and whatever I want to suddenly having to be somewhere at a certain time, it's kind of a shock to the system! I have to watch my clock again, make sure I get to work on time, and then when I'm at work I count the hours until I get off work. Ugh. LOL!

I think things will be better once I am done with school, and then when the route is gone, it will be even better, I'll be able to get a good nights rest, and when Rob leaves for Iraq in a few months, it will be a downright blessing, I will have something to fill my time to keep me busy until his return. Thank you all for listening to me! Hugs!

It is still sorta frustrating that I don't have all sorts of time to just sit and stitch. I have been much more into my reading lately, because it is easy. Plus my favorite chair that I sit in and stitch while watching the TV is being blocked from the TV right now by the Christmas tree, so I have to share the couch with my husband who is 6 foot 2 and thinks he can take up the entire thing, all sprawled out, leaving me NO room to get comfy with needle and thread, plus my stitching light is over by the chair that is hiding behind the Christmas tree, and with the winter weather here it is just so dark, so not a whole lot of stitching is going on.

You know? I know this is going to sound absolutely terrible, but I am almost looking forward to Hubby leaving for Iraq. NOT the fact of where he is going, but just that he's going! Ok, the other night, he made the LAST frozen pizza for dinner, while I was at work and ate THE ENTIRE THING!!! Leaving me with having to scrounge around for food when I got home. I mean, would it have killed him to save me ONE slice? Plus we're on a budget, and he eats so FRICKEN much! That one pizza could have fed me for 4 days! And he polishes it off in one sitting. And this is a Digiorno pizza! It was no tiny thing!

Here I go again with my venting about life. But since I have no stitching, I am just talking about life and the things that seem to frustrate me now. I hope you don't mind. This Thursday I have the day off, ::sigh:: and Hubby will be at work ::another sigh:: and I will possibly have the entire day to just sit on my comfy couch and stitch. So, hang in there I may get some stitchy news/photos up soon!

Again thank you all for your love and support, and Michelle for your prayer, that is the best thing I could use right now! YOu are allt he best friends a girl could have! And you all live in my computer! he he! I saw a comment for myspace it said "I love my computer, all my friends live in it." sometimes I think that is SO true!


Meari said...

Ahh... Life's little frustrations. SO's and DH's can be so inconsiderate at times. It'll be nice that you get some stitching in. Maybe relieve a little stress?

Kathryn said...

Of course he ate all the pizza. Doesn't food just appear in the military? He doesn't sound like he is a cook there! Still, give him a hug, just because. You know you will miss him when he is gone. And consider that sleep deprivation is just as bad as having a very bad flu. It makes you not your best self at all. You know you can see a change in your circumstances in the near future. Just hang on!

Sweet Pea said...

What would be worse is if you were looking forward to that pizza all day to come home and find the empty box with nothing left. Sometimes my DH will do that and it sends me right over the edge.

Do you have anywhere else to set up a stitching station for yourself? It's important to be able to do things that relax you, so even if you have to do a little rearranging, it would be worth it. Also, try to get as much daylight as you can, even with the days getting shorter. A lack of daylight could be triggering a little bit of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Yep, you are in serious need of theraputic stitching! Makes all of life seem better!

Kathy said...

You hit the issue smack on. You are not getting time to stitch. I have always said "if I don't get to stitch even a little each day, I turn into a bi***". LOL!!!!!!!!!

Faith Ann said...


We all get pretty frustrated with life at times (I think)... you're definitely entitled to vent in your blog!

I hope things calm down for you soon so you have some more "me" time. A person really needs that!!

I don't know how you are keeping up that schedule. I wouldn't be able to handle the lack of sleep, that's for sure. I think dropping the paper route will be a huge help... I would hate going out at that hour each night!