Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wow! but it's been awhile...

Well, this past weekend was stitchy. I worked a little on Nov. Quilt, and a little on Easter bellpull, which still isn't finished, and I just this morning pulled out Patchwork Bears, and put a couple of hours in on it. So, I need to scan some pictures for you, but my hubby is on the computer, so I will have to do that a bit later.

However, I think that instead of trying to rush doing my parent's gifts for their birthdays, I will try to get them done for their anniversary, in August. I don't know why I do this! I try to rush and rush to get things done, and then they don't get done,and I am disappointed,a nd it just keeps getting pushed back. I keep reminding myself, this is only a hobby! I am supposed to be enjoying myself. I really do not know how people who do RR's and exchanges and charity stitching and other obligation stitching do it! I wish I had that kind of dedication. These gifts are never going to get done! But at the same time, I have things I want to do for myself, and I keep putting them off, to try and work on these ones. and the more I try to pressure myself into working obligation things, the more I don't want to work on them! I am just the worlds biggest procrastinator, I think!

So, anyway. I am taking som eof the pressure off myself by saying, by August I will have them done, however, by doing this I am only buying myself more tiem to procrastinate, and not work on them, and then In July right before August then I will find myself in this mess all over again, having put it off AGAIN! The thing is , I really like these pieces I have chosen to do for my parents, but I hate this pressure I feel to have them done!

This was supposed to be a Lana year, anyway, with a long list of things I wanted to do for myself. and now look! I have hardly done a thing for me! And it is going on the 5th month of this year! Oh well, they are getting done. I have Patchwork Bears well underway. I have been thinking about pulling some of my older WIP's out and putting some time into them as well. like my Love, Joy Home Sampler...rememeber that one? I was reading back in my blog, and I think my blog used to be so much more interesting. I was changing up my projects, and I was posting lots of pictures. Now I feel like my blog is boring. Am I boring anyone else? Oh well, I guess I will go get some more work in on Patchowrk bears. I am working on the border on the left hand side and it is coming along. if anyone knows how I can make stitching my parent's dratteds more fun, please let me know!

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Von said...

I'm a terrible procrastinator too, Lana!! I absolutely hate it and I try to not be, but it's definitely my nature.