Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Finally! some more progress!

Well, here is Nov. Quilt, it is now at 65 hours, and I think it is really looking great! From here on out it is alot of fill in. I am almost done with the pumpkins and yet i still have a lot of green to put in, but it is just half stitches, so should go quickly.
I have been pretty busy so haven't been blogging much lately, as last Friday I got my drivers license! Yay for me! It is SOOOO embarrassing, but here I am almost 29 years old and not having one yet, but I have always had a sort of phobia of driving. When I was about 12 years old I was in a car accident with my mom. We were not hurt or anything, but it shook me up quite badly. and then when I was a teeneager, just about the time I was going to take driver's ed, and stuff, a family friend of ours died in a car accident, she was only 16 years old so...nope! No way was I getting behind the wheel. Well, then I got out of high school, and thought I would go get my permit, and did, and after a few times out driving I saw another HUGE accident, there were people laid out covered up, dead. I took that car home and never tried again.

That was about 10 years ago,and I have always had someone to take me wherever I wanted, or needed to go. But with DH leaving for the middle East here in a little less than a month, I would have been stranded. So, I pushed myself to get it. And I did! And I have driven to work all last weekend, and sunday I didn't work but took the car out and hung out with a friend. And now I can't believe I waited so long! So, anyway, I have been busy, but as you can see, I have gotten in a little bit of stitching on Nov. Quilt. I am so close! I didn't make it for my mom's b-day, it was on Sunday (the 23rd) She is coming out to visit in July, while DH is gone, so I am thinking about maybe having it done for her then. It gives me a few more months! Plus, we shall hope that by then my dad's gift will be done too!

Well, I think I am going to go sit and do some more stitching, and read some more blogs before having to get ready for work. Bye!


Kim said...

The project looks great! You are doing a great job on it.

Congrats on getting a license! Of course with gas prices the way they are you won't want to drive much anyway. LOL Accidents happen all you can do is just be careful and things will work out fine. :D

Von said...

Yay, Lana! It's great that you've gotten your license. My 21 yods doesn't have his yet. Most times I think he's just lazy, lol! No traumas in his life, but he's an extra cautious type.

Isabelle said...

Nov. Quilt is looking great, Lana.
I'll be 25 in a -gasp- week and I don't have a driving license either. I started living in Paris when I got old enough to start driving (in France it's 18) and it would be pointless to have a car here; and because I would never practice I feel I would be a bad driver. :( As for DBF, he did learn driving but never took the exam because he hated it. If someone has got to have a driving license, it shall be me! ;)

So congrats on conquering your misgivings. I'll have to do so some day... In a few years... I totally understand your fears and admire your getting over them!