Friday, April 28, 2006

uh oh.

What oh? I have that feeling again...that itching feeling you get when you want to start a new project and you know you shouldn't, but it is all you can do to stay away from your stash, so you don't accidently start a new one! I think the best idea right now would for me to change up my projects. right now i have been working mostly on Nov. Quilt, andPatchwork Bears, I wonder if I should root around in my WIP's drawer and pull out something from a time long long ago, in a place far far away. I don't know. I have been really thinking about my conversion for Love, Home Joy. I have so many things I want to start, but I will be good, and work on things I know I need to, now I just need to find an old project and pull it out dust it off, and go to work on it!

The only thing is...I used to be really into cutesy little things, bears and winnie the pooh, and what not, and my taste has changed, so my old projects that are sitting in that drawer half done, or not even half done, don't appeal to me. of course there is always "Nature's Window" (Wolf mom with pups int he snow, with a native american print border) or "Dare to dream" another wolf one with a dream catcher. or I have a few dolphin ones I want to finish. Well, one is needing to be finished and one needs to be started. I also have some country scene ones. And "The Abbey" which I worked on for about twenty minutes the other day, and really enjoyed it. Oh who knows?

Well, even though it is only 5:42 in the morning, I think I will go look through my "WIP's" drawer and pick something. And stay far away from my "New stuff stashy" drawer! =)

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Kali said...

I have the same problem with the stash. I know I should finish the WIP's I have yet I can't resist the pull of something new. This last time I managed to alteast limit it to something small not that its a whole lot better ;)