Friday, April 14, 2006

Sick of being sick!

Damn it! Excuse me, but I am sick AGAIN! I have never been this sick so much in my life since I moved to Texas. I am so tired of getting sick! I am sick every friggen month! My nose runs, my throat hurts, I don't have avoice! I can't breath. And for soem reason, and this is probably just by chance, but it always happens when I have two days off from work, but do I start getting sick the day before my two days off?! NO! I start getting sick right before I have to go back! I hate this place!

Anyway, rant over! My husband will be off work for the next week, and so I probably won't get to post pictures, cause he will be hogging his computer. How dare he! Anyway, not much to write about, I didn't do any stitching yesterday, and I don't know if any will get done today as I really just feel like crap and want to lay down. I am so frustrated right now! I take vitamins, I exercise, I try to eat right, and drink plenty of water and still, I get sick!

Sorry to be ranting all over everyone about this, I am so frustrated though. I am really impressed with all the stitching I see everyone else doingon their blogs, though. I don't know why I am in such a slump. I think it may be because I have so many hobbies, and I like to switch them up according to what I feel like doing most, lately it has been pen paling. I think in the past 5 days I have sent out like 25 letters or something. Well, I am going to go try to eat this oatmeal, because I need to eat so I can exercise, and take some medicine, even though I can't even taste this stuff and I don't feel like eating. Anyone wanna shoot me? Feel free!


AnneS said...

Poor Lana - perhaps it's your body's way of saying 'slow down'? Hope you manage to kick whatever bugs you've got in the guts soon :)

Von said...

Oh, Lana, I'm so sorry you're fighting this illness again! Do take it easy on yourself and get better. It may take awhile to acclimate to your new location.
April has been a really slow stitching month for me - just too much going on around here. But a little here and a little there will eventually get some of those projects done.

Bastet said...

I get a bit sick this time of year. Though it's more do to respitory problems and allergies. The constant shifting of warm dry to cold and damp does a number on my system. Not quite as bad as winter colds, but up there. Chin up! If you work a fast paced lifestyle, try slowing it down a bit. And make sure that you're replacing enough of that water you loose while excercising, your body will tell you it needs more when you don't agree. Drink plenty of chamomile tea and thera-flu for sore-throat.