Sunday, April 02, 2006

O.k, first off, before I forget, Lili a while back you asked about the pup in the picture, is it mine? No, it's not, I wish! He is very cute! I want a dog very badly.anyway.

So, this weekend, not much stitching got done, just a little got done on Patchwork Bears. I am finally gotten in the groove on that one. I worked a bit more on the boarder, as well as some of the first bear in the picture too. But I didn't put a lot of time in on it. I am still working out like a fiend, and so stitching has gone by the wayside for right now, which is not good, especially since, I have my mom's birthday piece due this month, and my dad's is due next month! I really don't see either of them getting finished anytime soon! Well, maybe the one for mom, but definitely not the one for dad. Plus I have to have them stretched and framed.

Well, on a happy note, my microwave was installed today! Actually not until 8:30 tonight! Who knew maintenance guys worked Sundays at night? Interesting! Anyway, not much to report, I am just enjoying reading everyone's blogs, sorry if I haven't left comments, I really have enjoyed all the comments you have left for me. It's always fun to read what people think of my stitching, or other things in my life. Well, I hope you all have a great week, and I am sure I will be hopping in here to post something this week, even if it is a "Oooooh! my aching___________________ "(fill in the blank) because I worked out too much! Who knew exercising could be so addictive? Once you get going, it is hard to stop. I was going to take the weekend off but I worked out last night and again this afternoon! But lately I have just felt sorta restless, like I can't make myself just sit and stitch or read. I can't just sit still. I just "have to do" twenty more crunches, or just a "few more" bicept curls, just until it hurts, then I'll stop. ah...a few jumping jacks can't hurt.....anyway, I just want to keep working out. I am really going to try to get more stitching in this week, though, especially on Nov. Quilt. wish me luck...hmmm... I wonder if you can stitch while working out in the ab lounge? ...::chuckle::

Oh wait, I have to tell you a funny story. Last night I stayed up and watched a movie that was on TNT, and it was late for me, I usually am in bed by 11, or 12 at the latest, and this movie was playing around 1 in the morning, so around 1:30 I start getting sleepy, and then as 1:59 am turned to 3:00 am...wait! Wasn't that supposed to be 2 am? Hey! Who took 2:00 am?! Yup! You guessed it, my cable box automatically switched to daylight savings, and I thought I lost an hour, and guess what? I did! But guess what else?! So did you! =P Well, some of you!


Lili said...

lol You lost an hour. Excellent!
Yes, this dog is an absolute cutie! Thanks for finally answering my question!
Lots of hugs!

Mr tetanos said...
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Von said...

I haven't done any stitching in days now, and probably won't for awhile so I can catch up on laundry and things after my wonderful weekend in Seattle.
So glad to hear your microwave is in. We are so quickly spoiled by our conveniences, aren't we, lol!