Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well, today is my day off, and so far I have not gotten any stitching in...well, about 15 minutes worth on Nov. Quilt (I know! aren't you proud of me?) Before DH came home from work and wanted his lunch. well, Our Microwave decided to go to Microwave Heaven yesterday, and so I am without a way to quickly nuke cold food, so I have to use the stove. gasp! What did we do before microwaves? Gee, I don't really remember not having microwaves, my parents got one when I was rather young, and they have been a very convenient appliance since, and when one breaks...it's like breaking an appendage off your body! And I thought my computer going to computer heaven was bad, this is a necesity people? If it weren't for cold cereal I may starve!

so, back to my day...

so, DH comes home and I heat up his lunch and then intend to go back to stitching, however, my DH has now gotten very comfy on the couch, which is my stitching spot. so, then I settle ina bit, but then the phone rings, it is my mom, and we chat for a bit, then I decide to read my book, but cannot sit still for the life of me, so decided to sit here and read some blogs and write a post too!

So, not much else going on, the microwave died, and I haven't had a chance to stitch much yet, i am going ot a creative Memories scrapbook party tonight. So, that should be fun, and our weather has gone bonkers! It's 85 degrees out right now! It is so nice! I love it!

O.k., I am going to go try to get more stitching in right now, before I have to get ready for the party tonight. i am working on Nov. quilt as afore mentioned, and I will post a picture if I get enough work in on it today. Bye!


natty68 said...

Oh I can so sympathise with you on the microwave hon - mine is living on borrowed time. I am dreading it packing it up..although we dont use it that much I do still use it now and again. :)

I hope you manage to pick one up soon. :)

Well done on the Nov.Quilt stitching :)


Bastet said...

Back in November I had the microwave, toaster and coffee maker go on the same day. This is not a good thing. DH and I work differant shifts so I tend to be fending now and then. Mirowaves are good for this and the coffee maker is great for either coffee or continous hot water for what ever. DH didn't know what to do with me. Especially since it happend just before my two week vaccation started. You have my sympathies.

Lelia said...

We bought a new microwave a couple weeks ago -- it was so annoying to be without for a couple days! Equally annoying to figure out the new one.

Stitch well today ...

Von said...

Life without a microwave is sooooo hard! Lol!! Now we even have one when we camp since our new trailer came equipped with one. :)
Happy stitching!!