Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Well, I really need to put some progress piccy's up here soon, as I have been putting quite a bit of time into Patchwork Bears. Sorry about yesterdays measly little post, as I wrote it at 4 in the morning, the spelling and grammer stinks! OOps!

Last night I slept soundly and was able to get up at my usual 6 in the morning, which hasn't happened for a long time. It feels really good to be well rested. And up early. It means one thing: more time for stitching before heading off for work!

Yesterday I got about half an hours worth of work in on Patchwork Bears, and that is it. Today I am hoping ot get a bit more done on November Quilt. I have started the left hand side of the pattern now, and am moving along, slowly but surely, when I bother to pick it up. Oh well, I am not going to go on a rant about obligation stitching again. For right now I am going to go settle in with my stitching, probably Nov. Quilt, and relax before it is time to head off to work, and the hecticness there.

Oh yes, and I think I ma having problems with Nov. quilt int he fact that I want to do some spring stitching, as it is right around the corner, and we have been having some spring like weather here, and I am stuck working on a fall piece. I will have to look through my stash and see if there is a small pattern that has spring like motifs in it.


Faith Ann said...

I'm jealous of your sleep... it feels like I was up all night!

I understand your stitching mood too, I'm definitely in the mood to do some spring stitching these days but I want to finish some other things first

Bastet said...

Sleep? What's sleep? I've been doing a lot of cat-napping. Not something that can get you easily through the day. I too understand wanting to do some springy type stuff. Which is probably why I have so many small projects started. Many are snowy. Though in this attempt at a rotation next week or so I'll be bringing out Fairy Flora and you can't go too wrong with her and spring.