Monday, February 13, 2006


This weekend was weird when it came ot my computer. My husband got Clearwire for us the other month, however, we had only the money to hook it up to one of our computers, so I was still stuck on dial up. Well,this weekend, we finally were able to get my computer up on Clearwire as well, and it for some reason messed up my computer, then DH decided that my computer needed to be defragged, which I haven't done in FOREVER! (Probably because I didn't realize I needed to do it) So,then my poor old computer flipped out over that, and then my DH decided that I needed to run my virus scan, so then that traumatized it even more, and it would just stop working out of the blue, I would be reading a blog and all of a sudden-Frozen! ugh!

This morning, I finally was able to get it to work correctly! I haven't had so much as a problem with it. I'm wondering if it is because this computer is so old. Maybe I need more RAM. Oh well, now after a weekend of computer headaches, I am finally able to catch up on Blogs, and do some blogging myself.

So,the other day I was contemplating why I have such a hard time with a rotation. And I think I came to the conclusion that it was because I don't work a steady work schedule! Alot of people work a 9-5 or 8-4 shift then they have their evenings to put towards their stitching, however, I work a long day then a short day sometimes in the morning sometimes at night, and it totally throws me off!

But! I have been trying to get my rotation down, to no avail. I picked up Patchwork Bears, which I still need to put pictures of on here, for you guys, and I haven't been able to put it down for the past two days, I had planned to work on November Quilt every other day, remember? Well, yesterday was a Nov. Quilt day, I think, and did I even look in it's direction at all? No! I kept right on stitching Patchwork Bears. Today is also a Nov. Quilt day, and I am still stuck on Patchwork Bears! I give up! No more rotation schedules! But you know? It is sorta fun to plan them out, and think about the WIPS you could slip into a rotation schedule, and whatnot. Oh well, I tried, yet again, and still have not been able to accomplish the rotation idea, oh well. Maybe that is why I don't get many things finished. Or maybe it is because I work on too many LARGE projects! Like I wanted to make a little pillow for Valentines day, that didn't happen! And now I am looking at spring things and Easter...will I get something finished for them, I wonder? Just like my sorry attempt at finishing something for Halloween last year, did that happen? I have two smallish projects about half way done, but never got them finished in time!

Oh well. I just wish I had more finishes. All I know is that I have to finish these two pieces for my parents for their b-days. Speaking of which, I am going to go make myself work on Nov. Quilt. I still have about four hours until I have to get ready for work, I can work on Nov. Quilt for an hour then work on whatever else may fit my fancy!
And I'm off!


Faith Ann said...

I *totally* understand! I do not do well with rotations. I end up working on something that I don't feel like working on. So, I've come to the conclusion that I should stitch whatever I feel like stitching. I still love coming up with plans for my stitching, even though I know that I'll never meet them LOL.

Von said...

Lana, I hope your computer is behaving perfectly now! You are going to love Clearwire and be amazed at how quickly pages load, etc.

I'm not sure a rotation is for me either, but I haven't truly tried it yet - keep meaning to tho. :D

AnneS said...

That's the exact same reason I ended up trying a 10-hour rotation slot instead, because of working shift work. I tried having one project per day of the week, but on really bad shifts I wouldn't pick a needle up, so some weeks would go by before some projects got to see the light of day, and I felt guilty about not stitching them, which made me feel worse about stitching, and less likely to pick up a needle - it was a vicious cycle! Then I heard about 10-hourly rotations, and I loved it (although it does take some willpower and self-discipline to stick to it) - some weeks it may take me two days to finish one rotation slot, and some weeks a whole fortnight, but I know that eventually I will stitch on the whole list ... and every now and then if I don't want to put a project down for an extra couple of hours, then so be it - I just mark off my little squares, and maybe the next rotation cycle I'll just stitch a little less on it to make up for it ... stitching is supposed to be joyous, so no point in not enjoying what it is you're doing :)