Monday, February 20, 2006


That is how I am feeling right now, aggrivated! Today I had to work the dreaded 10-6 shift, I woke up late, 8 instead of my desired 6:30, which gave me only 1 1/2 hours to read blogs, and stitch before going to work. work itself was alright, but then I got home and thought I would stitch, instead I sat and watched Highlander with my husband for two hours, while we ate dinner. Why I didn't stitch while I was watching...well, I hate stitching in dim light it hurts my eyes, so I didn't even try, so around 9 I decided, well i will put my jammies on go to bed and read my book, which i started a new one the other day and am really enjoying it. So i sit in bed, hubby sits next to me with his book, all is fine until he decides to turn the light off and go to sleep, so I can't read, then he tries to get all cutsey wootsey and I am not in the mood, by the time I get this through his thick skull, we are both upset, I go take a shower, and start to feel hungry, it is late and I don't want to have to cook anything, so I think I will just heat up some soup, right?! wrong! I put the container in the microwave and thirty seconds into it's heat up time, the entire thing blows up! I am still hungry so I find a banana nut muffin and am now ranting about my horrid day online.

I only got 45 minutes of stitching in, about half an hour of reading in (thank you- Robert.) I didn't get to watch my Gilmore girls, I wasted my evening watching a show I don't even like, all the whilste I could have been stitching, and now that it is 11 at night I decide, hey maybe I should stitch! Yeah right! In my frame of mind I am better off just going to bed.

Good night, and thank you so much for listening!


natty68 said...

Aww hugs hon, hope you have a better night tonight.

Men - they dont get it sometimes do they..

AnneS said...

Yup, you just reminded me why I'm still single ;P ROTFLMAO. Seriously, though, I'm really sorry to hear you had such a shocking night ... I have to admit, though, I had a laugh out loud literally when your soup exploded - it was like the icing on the cake ... I sympathise with you soooo much, you poor thing. I hope your week continues to improve, and you enjoy your day off stitching :)) {hugs}