Sunday, February 19, 2006

Progress picture!

O.k. I was finally able to get to work on hubby's computer, and get a scanned picture of my work on Nov. Quilt. I think it is starting to look good!

I have put quite a bit of work in on the wagon. I have done alot in the past two days. Scroll down and look at the post on the 16th, and today is the 19th, I have done quite a bit. It seems like this is starting ot shape up, finally. Maybe I will actually get to meet my deadline! Well, it is still early, and I have all day to get more stitching done. Guess I will get to it. I really should post more often, when I see how much work i have put in on my pieces, it tends to spur me on a bit, to keep working.

Have a good rest of your weekend.


AnneS said...

I agree with you with progress piccies - sometimes you look at something you've stitched and can't see what you've achieved ... then you just need to look back at the last progress piccie, and you go "oh yeah, I've done quite a bit" - puts your progress in perspective, and makes you feel good about it :) Glad to hear you're getting your computer woes sorted out - it would be like losing a leg to have my computer go! :)

Bastet said...

You've made some really good progress! I'm with Anne, sometimes we don't think we're really accomplishing much, but if you have progress photos (within reason of course) you can really see a change. I have a few still stored on the computer because of the complexity of some of the patterns. IMO at least.
Take care

Lee said...

It looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Great progress. Ann.