Saturday, April 14, 2007

Where did winter go!

Wow! The weather has gone back to can't seem to make up it's ever lovin' mind! Yesterday it was HOT and today freezing! I wish it would just make up it's mind what it wants to do! Well, yesterday I worked on Snow Valley Express, and it is what I think I will be working mostly on for the rest of the month. I NEED to get it finished, and I am close, I just need to keep on it! I get side tracked, with other things, you know how it is! I am really close, and I think that if I work on it everyday for 2 hours I should have it done in time to send for his birthday this year! Gosh, I hope! Then I can have that obligation lifted off my shoulders, and quite possibly start something new? Or pull out an old WIP that has gone forgotten in my stash, or something other than that train. I started it in Dec of '04, intending it to be his birthday gift for 05, then Christmas of 05, then birthday for 06, then Christmas for '06, and I am just frustrated, and I want to finish it!!! I just want to ship it off, and never see it again, unless it is framed and on the wall of my dad's study! Horrible, I know, to feel this way about a gift, but I have been working on it on and off for over two years, and THIS is it! When I finish it, forget the happy dance! I am going for a major blow out party, and you're all invited! LOL!!
Well, I am off to work guessed it: Snow Valley Express! I will share progress photos on Monday! Wish me luck that I actually get some good progress done!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Good luck on getting your project finished! i have felt the same way about a project before so I understand!

Cindy said...

This weather is driving me crazy!!! And it seems that my daughter has such a hard time with the "crud" this year. Everytime she starts getting better, the weather changes it throws her system all off. I will be glad when it decided what time of year it is! LOL

Will you be ready to start back on our SAL next week? I will be!!!

Hazel said...

Go girl! You can do it! I bet you'll miss it when you've finished it having spent so long with it lol.