Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A new Obsession

O.k. I scratch what I said earlier about not wanting or needing to buy any new stash. Here's my delema. Over dyes and hand dyed. I guess it isn't as much a delema as it is a curiosity. I have been stitching for almost 15 years now, and I think of myself as fairly addicted to the craft, at times obsessed, and while perusing all these wonderful blogs I have seen many different fabrics that were hand dyed and lots of beautiful overdyed threads. However, I have never had the desire to use them...until just about 10 minutes ago. I was reading a blog, and they were talking about wanting to start an "Ink circles" project, and there was a link that lead to that page, and I was hooked! Many of the pieces that are done by this designer(s) are stitched with over dyed threads. And they are BEAUTIFUL! And granted I know in my previous post I said that I am not into the whole Sampler thing. However, some of them would, and do look extraordinary with the over dyed threads. I've just not been brave enough to try it yet, but maybe it's time to hop out of my comfort zone and try something a little different. I love seeing these sorts of things on other blogs, I love seeing all the hand dyed Fabrics, but the projects that I do don't seem like the kinds that would look good on these sorts of fabrics...I don't think(?) I don't know, see? That is where my doubt comes in....What if I get going on one of these gorgeous fabrics and then the project just looks awful?! The ones that I like seeing with the hand dyed fabrics are the fairies. They look gorgeous, but I am so not into the whole fairy thing. I could do angels, and I do like the Celtic ladies series, which I have seen some of them done on hand dyed fabric, and I know that somewhere I saw a site and it gave you tips on suggested fabrics to use for certain projects, but where I saw it I don't remember as it was awhile ago.
So, I guess what I am saying is HELP!!! If anyone out there is reading this and have any tips or hints for me, regarding hand dyed threads and fabrics, please, enlighten me! I just want to let my clicky finger go to town and buy all the beautiful fabrics, and threads, but am afraid that once I do they will sit and I will not use them because I am afraid of messing up.


Cheryl said...

Lana i know exactly what you mean! I have just ordered cirque des cercles by ink circles and i can't wait to start it (don't they have some great pieces??) but choosing fabric and threads is sooo hard. I don't have any advice coz im new to it too but when i blogged about it someone left me this link http://www.stitching.jekdesign.com/FabricChoices.html
so maybe that'll help you too. Ive just ordered some vikki clayon silk called "marque des cercles" for this piece. Ive never stitched in silk but ive heard its amazing to work with. This is a long comment!

Kathryn said...

Yes, I used a hand dyed fabric for my flower fairy (replacing the yucky ecru aida), but I knew the look I was going for.

I think you have to take a page from the quilters. Layout the fabric, put all the threads for the project on top of the fabric and see if they "go together". If one thread really clashes, is it something you will be using a lot of? Is it near the edges (where it might more visibly clash with the fabric)? Then maybe reconsider. Start with a lightly variegated fabric. If there are drastic color changes, you will have to be much more careful about there you put the image. Check out silkweaver.com for the same image stitched on different hand dyed fabrics. That will give you an idea about the effects. You really don't want to stitch a green image on green cloth. You want the image to be distinct. And in that sense any motif will do. It doesn't have to be a fairy or an angel. I've used hand dyed fabric for Halloween projects.

Personally before jumping into fabrics, I stitched a few Bent Creek designs with variegated threads (Weeks Dye Works) to see how they worked up. You NEED to cross each stitch before you go on to the next. You can't do a row and come back. You might try stitching like that to see if you like it. The other possibility with hand dyed threads is "confetti". Check out my needlepoint Pineapple Fish, especially the ocean. I scattered different colors from the highly variegated silk across the design.

Cindy said...

I have not tried many special threads or fabrics either. I would love to try more one day.

I am starting to really miss working on our SAL, we may have to start back on it in the next week or two if you are ready?

Hazel said...

Do it do it do it!!! I used to feel like that but then i started on Patchwork using hand dyed and I have never looked back. Another way to start with hand dyed is to do something small like a pincushion or biscornu. You will love it and i don't find them all that expensive to buy either unless you go for NPIs or Caron. Carries are fab as are Vikki Clayton. Try and see!

Linda litlaskvis said...

What I do is pull out all the threads for the project I want to do and lay it on fabrics that I think will look good with it. You can see it pretty quickly if something is not working. And often if something is just right, it just pops right out to you.

Just play around. Start on some small projects and use natural hand dyed fabrics, don't go into anything crazy yet. Once you get the hang of it and the feel for it, you will not go back ;o)

I love plain old DMC and natural linen, but you can have so much fun with the hand dyed stuff. Just go for it!

You can also take pictures (of projects, fabric and fibers you want to use) and we (your readers) can help you pick out stuff that we think would work :)