Monday, April 09, 2007


Ok, yesterday I played the game for 9 hours! It's a sickness! Is there help for this kind of thing?! It's just addicting, you get going and your character starts levelling up and all of a sudden, you can't stop now! You have to go one more level, and reach one more aspiration! For those of you who don't play Sims, this post will mean nothing to you. but last night after I finally got off the game and went about my evening, I laid in the bath tub, and thought: Man, if I were a game programmer I would make a "SIMS Needle work" I have the career choices all set up we'd have People in:
-Publishing, to put out the great cross stitch and needlework magazines
-weavers- to make the fabrics
-people to make the threads, and hand dye them
- people to run the needlework shops
-people to teach courses on different needle crafts
- people who organize conferences and retreats

For creativity points
-finish needle work projects
-design a pattern

for social
-stitch togethers
-needlework shop open houses

Anyway, that is just the beginning, I'm such a dreamer! Of course, if there was such a game, then we would, well, I would never get my real cross stitching done, and then what would be the point?
Anyway, thanks for listening, and reading. I actually finished the March freebie last night, and started April, so I will share photos of that soon!
Well, I am off to stitch...or play SIMS....or stitch?....Sims?... It's a sickness!


Kathryn said...

Yes, Sims 2 is addictive. I know, I had the "sickness" for a couple of months, but believe me -- you do finally get over it. Though I have to say, I haven't been back in a while. I'm probably afraid to get sucked in again. :-)

Thank you for the kind words about the baby bibs. I know people want to frame their needlework, but work like this was meant to be used. That's why I took so much extra time knotting all the threads. I think back on all my grandmother's embroidered towels and handkerchiefs. Yes, they were beautiful enough to frame, but if they weren't there in use every day, they wouldn't have been close enough to admire every day.

Decia said...
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mercy said...

LOL - Totally know how you feel! I was so addicted to Sims at one point (I like to think it's not that serious now hehe) that when we stayed at a hotel one vacation I went to the bathroom and was like OMG this is just like the most expensive sim toilet!! My BF just laughed at me LOL.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh I like your idea for the needle work sims! What fun that would be!

monique said...

OMGosh! I know exactly what you mean! I had to quit the SIMS cold-turkey and never play again because I got so addicted LOL