Thursday, April 26, 2007

The itch to stitch is back!

Hello! thank you all for your comments yesterday. I think you helped break the spell, because yesterday though I was busy with newspaper stuff, and my writing, I found time to sit and work on A bouquet for cheryl for about an hour. I actually felt the itch to stitch! And again today I feel as though to stitch wouldn't be so bad. It is Thursday and that means SAL day with Cindy. I am gonna try to press forward with that project. I think I may have just been frustrated the other night trying to work on it, I was tired and in that slump, and who wants to work on a particularly tough piece when you're in a slump? It makes you feel even more "slumpier" LOL! Anyway, so it is a beautiful bright sunny day out and I think I will definitely use the good lighting to help me along with this project. And Cathy you are right! If things get too rough I can just put in a few stitches, or a length of thread, so I don't go crazy, and yet I am still getting a little progress in on it.
Thank you to you all who left me such kind comments yesterday. I definitely feel the slump lifting, now besides wanting ot work on Isaiah I also want to work on something else. A bouquet for Cheryl and the celtic knot bookmark that I started the day before I started Cheryl's bouquet are both calling to me! So we shall see what I actually pick up today!


Faith Ann said...

Glad you're over that little slump. I hate being in a slump because I usually *want* to stitch during that time but just can't make myself do it (if that makes sense).

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh don't you hate those slumps? We all go through them though. Glad you are wanting to stitch again!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that the 'slump' stays away.