Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I blew it!

Blew what you ask? Well, seeing as how I spent so much time the past few days on this computer playing that game, I decided that I would issue myself a "No Electronics Tuesday". Which meant...no TV, no Computer. I would allow the exception for a radio, for music and my audio book to listen to while stitching or doing housework. As you can see...I am on the computer! So, I blew it! However, I kinda issued it so I wouldn't spend all day on the SIMS game, and well, I haven't, but reading all the blogs I need to catch up on while I was playing the game has taken over! I haven't even sat down to stitch yet, and I am doing so well on my April freebie. Last night I was finally able to shop!!!!! (Hey! After being unemployed for four months, and not having much extra cash- That was a big deal!) I treated myself to an audio book, as I have been wanting to get some for when I'm stitching. so, last night I listened to the first CD and stitched happliy away on April.

I am so proud of myself, because after I cashed my check yesterday I wanted to RUN to the nearest craft store and go banarkers, buying everything in sight. But, I did not. (Applaud me here!) So, anyway, I think I may spend a few dollars on some threads I need for some of the projects I am working on now. But, seriously, I look at the stash I have right now and I really don't need to buy any more! between my WIPS pile and my "already kitted up and ready to go" pile, I should be good to go for at least two years, without having to buy anything new like patterns, or things of that nature. And even after that I have another 5 or 6 years of patterns that I would just need to buy the floss and fabrics for. So, I am feeling good about my stash right now, very content. Plus there are very few patterns out there that appeal to me right now. I'm not really into the whole folkartsy look or the quaker sampler look, and while I think they are cute and enjoy seeing progress on these sorts of things on others blogs, they are not my style.

The only thing I imagine when I think of buying stash is acquiring THOUSANDS of skeins of floss! That way I would never have to go get anymore, just go into my own stash and grab what I need. The fabric...well, while i could accumulate that, I kinda want to wait unitl i get around to a certain project and start the planning before I buy that, or it sits around and sometimes if I do a gift, or a small, then I end up cutting into something I originally set aside for a project and then when I need it, it's not there, and I end up having to buy it again anyway. I think I have rambled quite enough for today. Thanks for listening!

picture on top: I have no idea where this picture was taken, I got it off of yahoo images, but wherever it is, I wish I were there!


Jenny said...

I know what you mean - I should be stitching right now instead of being on the computer too. Good job not going "hog wild" at the craft store. I went through a long period of unemployement too when I couldn't really buy any new stash. It was HARD to have some reservation when I finally had some income again. :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am applauding you! good girl, ya get 2 atta girls for that! I need to get back to my stitching too.

Mary Ann said...

I guess I'm not stitching, either--I'm reading blogs! :-)
I can't wait to see your April finish!