Wednesday, January 20, 2016

DS2N progress

Last time:


The "day" angel has a face! I was able to complete all of columns 2 AND 3 and get a pretty good start on 4. 

I've made it a daily goal to completely fill in 2 10x10 blocks a day. If I am able to keep up with this goal, then I will be able to stay on track and complete this page by my estimated goal date of Valentine's Day. My goal is to finish 10 more 10x10 blocks by the time I update again. We will see how I do. 


Linda said...

Awesome progress Lana.


Adatina said...

I just have discovered your blog!
You do amazing job with stitching, and this angel looks fabulous!
Good luck with further stitching!

Annie said...

Wonderful progress! He looks great with his face filled in! Looking forward to your next update. I hope you meet your goal.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Looking great, Lana! It's amazing to me to watch these HAED come together. I would never have the patience but I greatly admire those, like you, that do! I'm sure you'll make your goal!

Vicki said...

Looks good, Lana!

gominam said...

It's looking great, well done:)

Katie said...

Fantastic progress! Good luck!!