Friday, January 15, 2016

Ds2n update

Last time I posted:


I am 25 stitches shy of finishing column 2 on this page. My goal was to finish column 2 by the time I posted today, but close enough. I'm gonna shoot to finish column 3 by the time I post again on the 20th! 

Hey! Look! I posted on time this go around! 
Thank you so much for the kind comments on my last post, and reminding me that I'm not alone when it comes to sometimes time not being on my side. Sometimes life is like that. We just keep on chugging and eventually things fall into place.  After I posted about my frustration it seemed like things started sorting themselves out in my favor, I'm feeling more organized and getting caught up on some things. Life is good!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See yah on the 20th!


Linda said...

Glad your feeling better Lana. More great progress.


Shebafudge said...

You can really see the progress on this one. I will look forward to seeing another column next month :)

Vicki said...

Good progress!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Beautiful work, Lana!