Thursday, November 01, 2007

YAY!!! photo's finally!

Thank you everyone (Michelle, Pam, Alberta, and Ranae) for your lovely words for my photo of the Air Force Ball. When I got that dress, I planned to be able to use it for formal occasions. something else sorta unique about best friend had the SAME wedding dress only hers was trimmed in a champaign color! In fact, she got her dress before I got mine, and I thought "Wow! It'd be perfect if I could find that dress with a Navy blue trim to match his uniform" Because First off, I am just not a frilly girly girl, so I wouldn't want to buy a dress that had lots of bells and whistles, though they are beautiful, they're not me, plus I figure, if you're gonna spend that much money on any dress you might as well be able to use it more than once, and since he's an Air Force "lifer" (twenty years) I figure it will come in handy alot. And the color will always match his uniform! Perfect!
Thank you also Michelle, for your prayers! They are much needed,and appreciated. Also thank you for my birthday wish as well. It's funny, I hear all these women freak out for their 30th birthday, my sister in law went into a depression. Me? ::shrugs:: Oh well! Just another year! I think I look pretty good for 30 years old, so I'm not phazed by it at all. (Just don't look too closely, I have a few grey hairs.)
Pam~ I know what you mean about the scanner! I LOVE mine, and yes we have a digital camera, but I find that I like scanning my stitching much more than taking a photo, because with digital cameras the lighting has to be just right or if your batteries are low or you didn't pay an arm or a leg for the best thing on the market, then your photos don't always turn out that great, the colors are washed out or whatever, but I have never had much problem with the photo quality of my scanner...when it works! lol!
Anyway, and above you saw my scanned photo of my Erica micheals October freebie, I finished it this morning. AND! The start of my November freebie, which I have to admit, I have to frog some of it out, I miscounted...oops. I will try to show more photos of recent stitching in my next few posts, I still have to show my September freebie, and the first two blocks of E Micheal's mini Sampler alphabet series, which I have done. And there is some progress on "The Abbey" and yesterday I pulled out "Dare to Dream" again after not working on it for awhile. So, I do have lots of stitching to share, but right now I want to go frog out my mistake on November freebie and stitch more. Bye!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love the little stitch project. So cute. And hey, what are a few gray hairs? LOL! i had my first while still in my 20's and at 48 I am now nearly completely silver haired and I love it! You are a beautiful young lady my dear so don't worry about it! And you are welcome for the prayers and loving thoughts!

Aussie Stitcher said...

You little piece is cute, love the photo of you and your DH.

Lauren said...

That's a cute freebie! LOL - I find a gray hair every once in a while and I'm still in my 20s :)