Thursday, November 15, 2007

And back to our regularly scheduled program!

Hello! I'm back! My mom went hom eon Tuesday, and that was a sad day for me! I spent much of the afternoon and evening after she left crying. I felt so silly. Here I just turned 30 on Saturday and I'm crying for my mommy! You'd have thought the woman had died or something for all the carrying on I did! It seems so silly to me now but it sure wasn't then.

Anyway. I thought I would show you some stitching progress. As I said before, I was working on Snow Valley Express, and have actually gotten quite a bit of progress on it. So first off, I will share with you a photo of my last progress and then what I have now.

This is Snow Valley Express when I picked it up last week and started working on it steadily again. This photo was taken April 16th of this year! wow! I guess I had sort of forgotten it!

And here it is after working on it a bit last week:
I worked alot on the bridge under the train, and that last car got a bit more stitching in on it, and there are a couple of stitches that will belong to the second car behind the engine (The small melon colored blob behind the engine) and I also worked a tiny bit on the backstitching on the very front of the engine. So, slowly it is coming along!
I have also worked a bit on Holiday airing, but I don't think it significant enough of work to share yet. I also started an ornament!!! It is a little stocking with a snowman on it, I want to make one for me and one for Rob andput them on our tree this year. But I only have a few stitches in on it, and would like to get more progress on it until I share a progress photo of it.
Oh, and just to let you know...the Christmas tree is still safely hidden in it's box in the attic!!! Monday, the day we were gonna decorate, I was sick. So, I spent much of my time on the last full day of my mom's visit either in bed or relaxing on the couch! I was so mad!!! My last day to spent with her and had to be sick! Of course she totally understood, but Grrrr!!!!
Well, I think I shall pop a DVD in the player and get to stitchin' on my little stocking. I have a few things I need to get done today, but I didn't get any stitching in yesterday, as I wasn't feeling all that great once again, and so I think I may be up to some stitching today. Maybe I will have enough progress to show you on my tiny stocking tomorrow!
Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes and comments! They really make blogging fun!


Lauren said...

That is wonderful! It's so lifelike! I can definitely tell there's a bridge there, now!

I'm sorry you got sick on the last day your mom was visiting - I hope you're feeling better now!

Carla said...

Snow Valley Express is looking great!
Looking forward to seeing the little xmas ornie :)

Deanne J said...

Great progress on Snow Valley Express. Hope you're feeling better.

stitcherw said...

Snow Valley is looking great, nice progress. With winter beginning to move in (at least where I'm at) this will look like the outside with all the snow all to soon.

Sorry you ended up sick during your mom's visit, what rotton timing. Probably part of the upset with her leaving was the things you wanted to do with her and couldn't as you didn't feel well, like the tree. I hope you're felling totaly better soon.

Michelle said...

Great progress on the train! Hope you're feeling better!