Friday, November 02, 2007

Well, I have been working all day on November Freebie, and this is how far I got, since the scan last night, and this is AFTER I had to do quite a bit of frogging as well. So basically I sat my behind in my stitching chair and watched DVD's and ripped out the boo boo' I'd made yesterday and then kept on going, all day. I made a bit of a change...The little corn on the right, I decided to make it multi colored like the indian corn you can buy for decoration during this time of year, I thought it'd be cute. There is another ear of corn on the left side, I think I may do the same thing with it. I am definitely thinking that after this little break of posting and maybe some reading I will return to this and see if I can't get it finished tonight! Wouldn't that be something! To actually finish a monthly freebie the 2nd day of the month! That would be a record for me!

And here is a scan of the September freebie that I never had a chance to show. I especially like the colors in this one!
Sorry the Scan is a little crooked, but you get the idea! I enjoyed stitching all the little apples!
Well, I am starting to get a bit excited...hubby gets home in less than 24 hours!!! Yippee! I am sure that I can find enough reading and stitching to get me through 24 hours!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

They are both pretty!

Lauren said...

I love the Indian corn! That's a really great idea. I like the September one, too - I love apple trees!