Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Dance!

And there it is all finished!!! Only one more to go to finish this year!!! I finished this yesterday afternoon.
I am so happy Hubby is home!!! Yippee! It was so nice to have him with me to throw the route this morning...I felt so safe! lol!
And now only two more days until my mom comes in for a visit. She's a crack up! My dad said he's gonna send a letter to the city and tell them to put out a high security alert, because this city will never be the same after me and her run loose in it! lol! And he was teasing my hubby saying he was gonna send bail money to him, just incase! Funny funny dad!
Well, in lieu of finishing that freebie on only the third day of the month,I have really been goingot town on Dare to Dream, but I am too lazy to go get it and post a photo today, maybe tomorrow, after I have done more on it.
That's all i got for today! bye!
ps...Faith ann, I wanted to check out your blog, because i haven't dropped in for a while, and I looked at your profile but only your health blog was noted there, do you still have your stitching one up? If so, can you leave me the address/URL in my comments? Thanks!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I will happy dance with you! Have a great week!

Ranae said...

Happy Dance hoo-ray!!
To comment on a earlier post. I do look at what I have done on one WIP and thought if I had stitched that much on this one, I might be done with this one, make any sense? lol.
Have a great week with hubby.