Saturday, November 03, 2007

Well I am super excited as hubby comes home today! I was not able to finish my November Piece as I had hoped last night but I am VERY close! I have the entire word "November" complete and two more leaves done, now I just have one more leaf and the corn on the left side, and a few little stitches in the corner of the border, and I'm done...I'm sure that will be finished before hubby gets home today!

Then I am thinking that I will work on "Dare to Dream" or "The Abbey".

You know? Last night I was looking at the piece of Fabric I have all the little monthly's on, and I was thinking "You know? All these stitches that make up all these little pieces put together would certainly make quite a bit of progress in a larger piece. What if instead of stitching these tiny things, I had spent the time and energy on one of my BAP then one of them would certainly have quite a bit more work in on it." I was thinking that even when I work on my big pieces they seem to go so SLOW, because they are so big, I guess, but these small ones stitch up SO fast and there is such instant gratification. I am just one of those people who like to see results NOW! So when I sit and stitch on a huge project for a long time and I hardly see any results it is frustrating to me.
Sorry I sorta went off on a little tangent there. Anyone else out there feel this way?
Anyway, I wanted to post this photo of my Mini Sampler Letter A by Erica Micheal's. I finished it quite awhile ago, but my fussy scanner was acting up again, so I couldn't show a photo then. You know what? I just noticed? There are supposed to be little algerians eyelets in the corners...I forgot to put two in, on the top! I guess this one is still a work in progress! ooops!
Anyway, I enjoyed working on this one. I have the B one almost finished, I have one more B to finish stitching, then it is onto C.
Well I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! Can you believe I have posted Five times in four days?! Amazing! I really slowed down with my posting, this year, which is pobably because of school and what not, but still. I am going to try to post more for the rest of the year! I have "end of the semester-itis" it's kinda like senior-itis, where your motivation just flies out the window, and you just want the semester to be done ad over with. And in just one month and one week, it will all be over! Can I make it?! I am not sure I am gonna take classes next semester, however, I probably will take at least one, because Hubby found out yesterday he leaves for overseas again in March, so I will need something to fill those hours. So, once again fairly soon I shall be bachlorett-ing it up again, for a much longer time than these past 8 days.
Ok, this is a long rambly post, so I'm outta here!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I used to get really bored working on large pieces. And then i finally listened to someone and started rotating things. When I get tired of working on something I just switch to something else. now things get done faster and I don't get sick of projects!

Faith Ann said...

You have lots of lovely stitching pics in the last few posts... they look great!

Good luck keeping motivated through these last few weeks of classes.

Michelle said...

Your acorn looks great! I've been wanting to make a start on this alphabet for awhile now!