Monday, March 06, 2006

reading, reading and more reading!

But! It is good reading! I am actually on my own computer right now, and able to read some blogs that I was not able to read on hubby's computer. It is so nice to catch up with people, however, I can't read everything that I have missed! I would be on this machine for a year! So, I am reading about the last week of everyone's and that is all I can handle.

Well, today will be a Nov. Quilt kind of day, I think. I have been working mostly on St. Patty's bear the past few days and he is coming a long, should be done soon. I haven't picked up NQ in what feels like forever! and it is already March 6th! I want to send it off in about a month! And so I need to finish it SOON, so I can still get it stretched and framed, and everything! Oh why do I procrastinate?! Well, I just have so much other stitching going on, I think. Well, I guess I will get to it. I have really enjoyed catching up with everyone! It has been fun!

I will try to post progress pictures either later today or within the next few days as I have the next couple days off from work. Bye!

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Jenny said...

Looking forward to those progress pics! :)