Friday, March 17, 2006

A perfect day

Wow! Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, in all senses of the word! It was a dreamy day, roamntic and beautiful, and perfect!

Let me explain. My hubby has decided to take a four day weekend, so yesterday morning we woke up around 9-ish, and he went on the computer to do some stuff while I did some housework and took a shower and read and stitched, then around 1:00 in the afternoon we took off. We drove all around exploring. We have lived in this town a little over a year and I still don't think we have seen the whole thing, not that it is that big, but most of the places we frequent are just in our immediate area, and so we never go to the corners of our little town, as we have no need to, really. So, we go exploring, and we were looking for a different type of an eating place. Well, we found this cool steakhouse, and it was wonderful, I loved the decor and the food was out of this world. so, then we drove out of town, and ended up in the next town over, which is an old historic-monument to the civil war type of old town. It was so cute, and they had a few antique stores which we looked in and I found some milk glass pieces for my mom, who loves this stuff, she has collected it for as long as I could remember. then we came home and watched Proof, which was an ok movie. It was one of those flashback type of movies where they back to the past to explain the present, but the flashbacks are not always apparent right away, so you keep wondering "Is this the past or the right now"? Anyway. It wasn't bad. then we just hung around the house until it was bedtime.

The weather was perfect, and hubby and I didn't bicker or anything at all, all day! And I felt like a silly- in- love school girl again. It was wonderful. Not much stitching got done, but! I did finish the wagon in nov. Quilt. All the stitching is done, except...2 tiny stitches of which I need to get the thread for. And I have been working on the blue/gray of the sky which is going pretty quickly as it is all half stitches! Well, people have sure been updating blogs quite a bit this week, I just read blogs for an hour, and now I'm really itching to get some stitching done myself, before It is off to work for the evening.

So much for the perfect weather we had yesterday, today is cold cloudy rainy and thunderstormy. The perfect weather for a "sit in and stitch".



Jenn said...

It sounds like you and your DH had a wonderful day. It's a nice sunny day (but, cold) here today but, I kind of wish it was raining. I feel like staying in and stitching and if it was raining I wouldn't feel so bad about not going out side.

Von said...

So glad to hear about your wonderful day! I love to go driving down some of the farm roads around our town.

AnneS said...

What a wonderful day you and DH had on St Patricks Day - sounds absolutely blissful! :D