Monday, March 27, 2006

the picture that wouldn't load

Well, lets see if blogger will be nice and upload my photo tonight. It is the one that I tried to upload the last post but it didn't happen. ....nope! sorry.

I will try in the morning, as I think it was Kim who mentioned that Blogger photos seems to have problems int he evening. Today I stitched on Easter, I am almost done. I am down to the "R" I have the whole outline of it finished and I started the inside checkered pattern, and then I went ahead and started on the bunny as well, but only got a few stitches inon his ear, and the outline of his face. I think it should probably be done by next week.

Nothing else really got done stitching wise. I need to be working on Nov. Quilt. maybe tomorrow!

For now, though I am pretty tired, and think I will go to bed. sorry abou tthe picture!


Von said...

Can't wait to see the updated pic of your Easter banner!!
I've had problems getting pics to load now and then, just keep trying! :D

Kali said...

Have you tried using Picasa to post your photos? Its a free photo indexing program and it is designed to work with Blogger.